You will be Surprised,to know how much a Beggar earn in India!


Many among us fall for the innocent look of a beggar many times. We have seen many times at traffic post or at under a bridge. Many times after looking at a hopeless beggar, we feel pity for him and gave him some money.

We have a different way of the view of looking at beggars. Some of us hate the very sight of them, while many others get horrified by them. But many of us just try to help them out with money or some food.

But have you thought that this small help from many may be the beginning of a huge salary? It is not some small amount of money. Even many IT engineers are also not earning that much. It is not a small one, but a huge salary ranging in thousands per month?

Are you shocked? This may sound crazy and mind blowing , but it is the truth of Indian roads. A beggar, who may look lonely and poor may earn in thousands per year even much more than IT engineers.

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Please check the social experiment done by a Delhi Graduate. His actual regular job salary is 15000 a month. But he earns 200 Rs. in just two hours which approx. 1000 Rs. a day and more than 30,000 Rs. for a month by doing 10 hours begging daily easily.

Watch Video: A social experiment to see, Beggars Income in India?




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