While Stealing CFL Bulb,Thief Pretending To Do Exercise


While Stealing CFL Bulb,Thief Pretending To Do Exercise

Nowadays thieves are becoming smarter. They are finding many ways to fool people. But they are forgetting about the latest developments in technology. In an incident, a man was caught on camera while stealing a CFL bulb. This man was doing exercise to fools people going nearby road before stealing CFL Bulb. After watching the video you will burst out of laugh.

While stealing CFL bulb he forgets to notice that a CCTV was recording his action . in CCTV he was caught doing exercise before stealing CFL bulb. After this video posted online, this video has gone viral. If this thief has come across this video, then god knows what he is thinking. But people are enjoying this video and can not control their laughter.

From the video, this man is not looking like a typical thief. From the video, it looks like this man went for morning jogging, and found a CFL bulb hanging outside a house. Then this man Pretending To Do Exercise and steal the CFL bulb. If the CCTV was not present over there then we may have not able to watch this incident.

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However, it really is a big problem in our country. People tend to steal stuff from public places. They do not have a respect for self or law. Now whether it’s from a shop or from a highway or a hospital. If it is a public place then they do not bother about anything.

A recently similar incident happened at a highway in UP. Thief was theft of all Solar Panels and light bulbs, Which come to our surprise was amounting in millions of rupees.
Though this video is funny, it showcases a real problem of India. People like him steal stuff from public places.

This is a major hurdle in the development of the country. If this CCTV recording was not there, none have ever believed about this. May be adding more CCTV will help to the current situation.


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