Pakistani journalist reporting monsoon floods video gone viral


Nowadays News reporting has gone to a new label. Reporters are doing everything to catch the attention of viewers. A Facebook video has been gone viral, when Pakistan, Lahore based a news journalist decided to create a pool surrounded by pink and yellow inflatable floaties for reporting monsoon floods.

He took some pink and yellow inflatable floaties to the middle of monsoon flooded Lahore road and started filming video as he is in a swimming pool. He took a dig at the Pakistani government by showing how bad work was done by the government.

Check out the video here below.

لاہور میں موسلا دھار بارش کے باعث پانی کھڑا ہونے سے روڈ واٹر پول بن گئے

لاہور میں پانی کھڑا ہونے سے روڈ واٹر پول بن گئے، ایسے ہی ایک پول میں موجود ہیں ہمارے نمائندہ ذوالقرنین رانا

Posted by Dunya News on Friday, June 29, 2018

The reporter reported that “I am not in a swimming pool but in the middle of the road which is flooded with water and so are other parts of the city.enjoying in water pool” and recommended the locals to do the same “as the water was not going to recede anytime soon.”

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