How to Delete a Google Indexed Article


Have you ever faced the similar issue like you have deleted a page of your website, but in google search result still showing your page? When you delete a page in your blog/website, it does not disappear from google index immediately. In this way, google search does not work. The main problem is that even post/article is deleted it is still present in google index. so when you click on the result it will take you to page 404.

Solution to this problem(Removing deleted article URL form google search result) is that, inform google search that page has been deleted. Want to know how? Please check below step to do that.

How to Delete a Google Indexed Article

Follow the step to remove the deleted index Article from google search result. You can remove this Google indexed URL using Google Webmaster Tools. So if you do not know how to register in Webmaster Tools can read the first tutorial in the following article.

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If you have registered in your blog, please go to Webmaster Tools, then select Google Index menu  » Remove URLs  » Temporarily Hide.






After step 2 you will see the input box. Write the URL of your blog article that you want to remove from Google search. Or if you want to remove total category write URL until that. Then press Continue.



Then you can see 3 options to remove the URL of your article. Select Temporarily hide a page from the search result and remove from cache then click Submit Request.





Now you have Finished the steps in deleting the URL in Webmaster Tool. But the result will not be reflected in a few mins. It can take up to 2 × 24 hours for successful URLs to be deleted from Google search.

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