Daughter caught with her boyfriend in bedroom by her father, Check what happen next?


On Sunday in Noida, A 48-year-old man was pushed off by his daughter and daughter’s alleged boyfriend. At Sector-27 of Noida on Sunday the girl allegedly pushed her father off from the floor of the house. The man died from the effect of the injury.

The victim was identified as Vishwanath Sahu. Mr.Sahu wake up in morning 4 A.M. due to some noise, coming from his Daughter’s room. He went to her room and found that his daughter is in the allegedly compromising situation with a boy. Then her father started scolding that boy. Suddenly the boy and Mr.Vishwanath started fighting. During the fight they got physical and his daughter and allegedly her lover pushed Mr.Vishwanath to stairs .Mr.Vishwanath fell off from the third floor of the building.

Mr.Vishwanath’s daughter joined in the fight because she wants to stop her 27-year-old lover getting involved in the fight. Later both beat up her father, resulting in which Mr.Vishwanath fell off from the third floor of the building.

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Mr.Vishwanath’s wife Gayatri filed a complaint against her own daughter and her alleged lover with the Sector-20 police station in Noida. Police have already arrested Pooja while her alleged lover, identified as Dharmendra, which is on the run. But Mr.Vishwanath has died of injuries, which he got during fell off from the third floor of the building.

Son of Vishwanath, Sanjay said  “My father was pushed from third floor balcony of the building and he fell into the gap  between right next building and our building . Dharmendra and my sister  immediately escaped from the spot. We suspect my sisters involvement too because she did not even stay back to check my father’s condition,” .

Now It has come to light that Dharmendra was from Atta village of Noida and working at a factory. He was living with his wife and daughter. Police have executed a search to hunt the 27-year old. However, Pooja has been arrested.

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